UNB women's volleyball ends weekend with two wins

UNB women's volleyball ends weekend with two wins

The UNB Varsity Reds women's volleyball team walked away from the weekend with two victories to add to their resume, the second against the Acadia Axewomen on Sunday afternoon (25-20, 25-12, 25-17).


""Every game I feel we have to keep it on, because if we don't then it's not necessarily going to be such a split – it could have been a lot closer," said second-year Jacqueline Sebetovsky, who had 7 kills, 6 digs and 2 blocks.


In the first set the V-Reds managed to get an early lead, which they would keep throughout the entirety of the set. Acadia managed to close the gap a few times, but never managed to move ahead.


In the second set it was impossible to ignore the V-Reds' momentum as they once again took an early lead and managed to hold on. Acadia seemed tired in the second as they got most of their points from balls out of bounds rather than kills or digs.


Despite having a comfortable gap in the score, the V-Reds didn't dominate the last set as strongly as the first two. Acadia bounced back and many of UNB's points came from errors on the Acadia defensive.


Despite holding the best record on the board for the team, Sebetovsky said there is always room for improvement.


"The things I remember are the things I did wrong the whole way through – but at least I know what to look for, and what to improve, but I think it's coming," she said, noting she played more left-side last season and has since moved to LS.


"It's a new position for me so I'm expecting to have those moments of brain-farts," she joked.


Despite the noticeable difference in calibre – reflected in the score and a seemingly-easy 3-0 victory over the Axewomen – she said they worked hard for the win,


"It was still a pretty tough game," she said. "We had to work for it. I feel that the pressure we put on them, they didn't have as many options to bring it back."


The women are away at Cape Breton to face-off against the Capers on Nov. 7 at 7pm.


Bronte James for UNB Sports Information