Varsity Reds win their last home game

Varsity Reds win their last home game
The AUS fifth ranked V-Reds hit the court this evening, facing the fourth ranked X-Women for their last home game of the season. To the V-Reds, winning this game meant being tied for fourth.

The V-Reds came to the game having won their previous, and hoping to pull their momentum from that game and keep it alive. Showing they meant business, the V-Reds came out strong, and hammered in the ace serves.

The X-Women weren’t long to respond, and adjust. Returning serves, causing big blocks for Rebecca Glancy, and Paige Paulsen.

With many successful sets, Paige Paulsen’s assists, and kills from Celina Abba; The V-Reds took the first set 27-25.

The second set, much like the first, ace serves were seen from Monica Jones, Paige Paulsen, Amber Gamblin, and Paige Nelmes. Keeping the X-women from taking the lead, Emma Hunt, Monica Jones and Amber Gamblin worked hard to keep the ball in play, each having over fifteen digs.

Showing their determination for the win, Paige Paulsen kept finding the centres, keeping the V-Reds on top, taking the second set, 25-23.

The third set, the X-Women pushed the V-Reds harder, forcing a more defensive set from the V-Reds, when asked what the difference was that altered the third set, coach Goulet mentioned that, "Having the first touch was crucial, and the confidence defensively needed slight improvement."

Despite multiple ace serves from Celina Abba, the X-Women took the third set 26-24 forcing the game to a fourth set.

Knowing they could take the game if they won this set, the V-Reds came out with Paige Paulsen grabbing the point off the first serve. Points in the fourth quarter attributed to powerful kills from, Paige Nelmes, Rebecca Glancy and more ace serves from Celina Abba.

The V-Reds held back the X-Women in the fourth set, but had to go to extra points. The final point came from a kill by Paige Nelmes bringing the V-Reds to 26 points, taking the set and the game, 26-24 ending Think Pink weekend with a win.