First time's the charm for UNB swimmer Kaitlyn Young

First time's the charm for UNB swimmer Kaitlyn Young

Kaitlyn Young got into the pool competitively for the first time this season at January's UPEI Invitational. This did not phase her, though, as she posted a personal best time in the 200m fly which was also good enough to qualify for the CIS championships at the University of Victoria in February.

We got in touch with Kaitlyn to find out how she did it.

This was your first swim meet of the season, what were your expectations?

"Yes it was! Actually, I didn't have any expectations at all. The first meet of the year is always a bit rusty, regardless of the date, as it takes a while to get your head back in the racing mode. I exceeded my expectations; I was expecting to go 3-5 seconds slower than I did in my 200 fly."

Did you realize you were swimming as fast as you were while you were in the pool, or were you surprised when you heard your time?

"Once I hit the 125 meter mark, I knew I was on pace to qualify for CIS. I felt strong and relaxed, but noticed that I was maintaining my stroke and speed. I didn't think I was going to do a personal best time, but I felt like I would be under the CIS time standard."

Do you think this is a performance you can replicate, or even top?

"Definitely! There is a lot of room for improvement. Before a big meet, like AUS and CIS we do a lot of tapering and resting, so I should expect to go quite a bit faster. Hopefully I can better my all time personal best."

What do you do in your rest time to prepare for a meet, mentally or otherwise?

"A lot of sleeping and eating (laughs) but actually, besides swimming, I really enjoy going to the gym and going for runs. It's a nice way to mentally escape from school and swimming without having to be in the pool."

The UNB swim team looks to make another splash at  the AUS championships in Halifax coming up February 6th. 


Rob Trites for UNB Sports Information