Varsity Reds swimmers off to Victoria for CIS national championship

Varsity Reds swimmers off to Victoria for CIS national championship

“I’m not really that nervous, mainly excited. I mean it’s my last CIS, so I’m going out with a bang. I can’t wait to race one last time,” Kaitlyn Young said, shaking the water off her hair after one last practice in her home pool.

Young and the rest of women's Varsity Reds swim team are off to Victoria, B.C., this weekend to compete in the CIS national meet at the University of Victoria. In total, three members of the Varsity Reds qualified for the CIS meet – Young, Charli LeBlanc and Cassey Mooney. 

“They look great,” said head coach Robin Ferdinand.” They were swimming really fast in practice and they are mentally ready to go.”

The team was supposed to fly to B.C. on Monday, but was delayed by the massive storm that hit the Maritimes Sunday.

“Getting to Victoria would be nice,” Mooney said. “I’m pretty nervous right now, but I think once we get there and see the pool and get adjusted everything will be better and it will be more excitement than crazy nerves.”

The team takes off Tuesday night and will have until Thursday to get used to the four-hour time difference and prepare for the meet.


Cassey Mooney: a fourth-year athlete from Yellowknife, N.W.T., will be competing in all of the breaststroke events (50m, 100m and 200m) and the 50m freestyle. Her mother is travelling from Yellowknife to see her daughter in action. 

“It’s exciting because this will be the first time she’s ever watched me in a university race,” said Mooney, adding with a grin, “she’s going to be an assistant coach for the weekend.”

Goals for the meet: To move up in the rankings and to improve on personal best times. She would also like to qualify for a B-Final, but sees that as a bonus.  

Pre-race tradition: Doing nothing for two days before her race.

Charli LeBlanc: is a first-year swimmer from Yarmouth, N.S. She will be participating in all of the backstroke events (50m, 100m, 200m) in addition to the 50m freestyle along with Mooney. 

“I’m more nervous to represent UNB than to swim,” said LeBlanc. “If you don't place where you want to, then that’s all you’re thinking about.”

Goals for the meet: To make finals.
Pre-race tradition: Going through her races in her head at least three times before the actual race to get her stroke rate down.

Kaitlyn Young: who is from Fredericton, is in her final year of competition. Young will be competing in all of the butterfly events (50m, 100m, 200m) and the 50m breaststroke.
“[I’m] feeling good, feeling ready to race,” said Young, sounding confident about nationals. 

Goals for the meet: To move up in the rankings, to make finals and to post some personal best times to “finish off the ol’ swimming career.”

Pre-race tradition: Eating half of a banana. 

The team hits the pool for competition Thursday Feb 19, catch them live in action on CIS TV:

For more information on the CIS national meet visit:

Rob Trites for UNB Sports Communications