Varsity Reds Think Pink

Varsity Reds Think Pink

The UNB Varsity Reds women's soccer team had a big day on Friday. Not only did they win their last game of the regular season and finish first in the AUS for the first time in the team's history, they also came together to raise over $1200 for breast cancer research as a part of Think Pink.

The day started with a bake sale, where their own homemade confections brought in close to $700.

"Not to float my own boat, but my red velvet cupcakes sold pretty quick," fullback Laura McNicholas said. "And I must admit Courtney [Strba's] oreo cheesecake balls are always a big hit, too."

The bake sale was only the beginning of fundraising activities that would stretch out over Friday and Saturday and were the result of months of planning. The team also sold and raffled off a huge assortment of crafts - the vast majority of which were made by fullback Emma Quigley and her mom over the summer months.

"There were bottlecap magnets, bottlecap pins, washer necklaces, loom bracelets... There were worry rocks and bath bombs - those were fun," Quigley said. "We also had a lottery tree. We had a basket that the team put together, tissue paper flowers... And then there was a clothespin wreath, a magazine wreath and two decorated pumpkins."

Getting involved in events like Think Pink and helping to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer is really important for the team, Quigley says. They knew they would have an event this year, and rather than leaving it to a time that can be filled with stress from soccer and school, they thought they would get a head start. 

"It's just good to get the awareness out there and raise as much money as possible, because it's all for a good cause," said McNicholas. "It's close to a lot of people on the team. A lot of girls have had issues in their family. Personally, I have with my nana."

"It's affected everyone," Quigley agreed. "Everyone knows somebody. It's a prevalent problem that we all just want to help out with."


Members of the women's soccer team at the Think Pink bake sale.


Members of the women's volleyball team helping to sell items at the soccer game on Friday.