UNB Women's Soccer lose to Dalhousie 2-1

UNB Women's Soccer lose to Dalhousie 2-1
The UNB Women were only able to take one victory this weekend after the Dalhousie Tigers defeated them 2-1.

Briana Ford scored the only goal for UNB, but it wasn't enough to get the three points needed. Despite the loss, Ford said they were able to keep the score tied until the final minutes. 

"I feel we really gave them a run for their money, and showed them that we weren't just a sixth place team," said Ford.

"We really battled hard and make good tackles."

Head Coach Jon Crossland said he is disappointed with the outcome but pleased with the overall performance of the team.

"The second half, very happy, and the first fifteen minutes in the first half," said Crossland.

"I keep telling them - when we wanna play and are composed and confident, we can compete just as well as anyone else."

The women are now placed seventh in AUS standings going into their final two games.