Coach Crossland proud of his team

Coach Crossland proud of his team
After a hard fought game the women's team lost to Saint Mary’s University, 1-0.
Although not making AUS playoffs, head coach Jon Crossland is proud of his team.
“People will judge us by our record and see that it was 2-5-6, and will make their own conclusions,” said Crossland.
“But being with those girls day in and day out, and see the progress they made over the last two months … I’m proud of the girls.”
Not the outcome they hoped, Crossland said he is proud of his team and couldn’t coach better girls.
The locker room was filled with stories after the game as Crossland explained to each player what they brought to the team, and why they are important.
“It’s nice to hear those things, especially when you’re not in playoffs,” said captain Sam Lagacy.
“I just told [everyone] that I was proud to be with them and that I wouldn’t want to be with any other group of girls, and basically just to keep their heads up.”
First year coach Jon Crossland and the UNB women’s soccer team put up a fight throughout the season, and anticipate the upcoming year.