Colborne leads V-Reds to 83-79 win over Laval

Colborne leads V-Reds to 83-79 win over Laval

The University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds defeated the Université du Laval Rouge et Or 83 -79 on Sunday at the Accreon Helen Campbell basketball tournament. 

 This was the UNB women's third game in the tournament. Having lost both games earlier the UNB women were eager for victory.

 The action commenced at a brisk pace. Both teams exchanged baskets early. Strong free throw shooting from UNB got the Varsity Reds out front 24 -17. 

 Laval clawed back in the second quarter. Staying out of foul trouble, the Rouge et Or added 22 points to finish the half with a 39 - 38 lead. 

 As the second half began, solid shooting from Laval guard Catherine Paquet mixed with  stalwart rebounding from Justine Bilodeau pushed the Rogue et Orange to a 56 - 51 lead. 

 The fourth quarter brought foul troubles for Laval. Committing 11 fouls in the first half, the number leaped up to 17 in the second. The Varsity Reds made them pay. Forward Claire Colborne netted 6 of 12 free throws to add to her tally of 20 on the night. 

 Regarding the amount of fouls in the game Coach Speedy commented, "I thought that there were a lot of fouls they didn't have to call, they called them both ways, but it's a shame when the best players aren't on the floor at the end of the game."

 Due to the rampant number of fouls the Varsity Reds were able to tie the game and force an overtime period. 

 An intense five minute period saw more back to back play with Colborne scoring an early jump shot to put the Reds ahead. Laval's Paquet answered back with a jump shot of her own. The teams each shot back to back threes pushing the game to a 77 - 77 tie.  In the end it was free throws from UNB's Awo Farah that put the game out of reach. 

 Player of the game for UNB was Claire Colborne with 20 points and 7 rebounds.

 Next, the Varsity Red's will travel to The University of Alberta as part of a pre-season tournament from Oct. 18th to the 20th.

 The all-stars of the tournament were: Robbie Daley from Dalhousie, Nicole Clark and Charlotte Kot from Regina, Gabrielle Girard from Laval, and finally Claire Colbourne from UNB.