Locks for Love at Shoot for the Cure

Locks for Love at Shoot for the Cure
Pink was the dominant colour at the men's and women’s basketball games as they kicked off the Think Pink weekend.
Women’s basketball coach Jeff Speedy, his daughter Kylee, and women’s basketball team members Claire Colborne and Colleen Daly cut their hair to raise awareness for breast cancer.
“I think it’s important for our players to get involved to kind of give back to the community and do something special for the community,” said Speedy.
“[I]t helps us raise awareness to a really deadly disease that we’d like to cure, and it helps us raise a lot of money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation so they can find a cure for breast cancer.”
Speedy’s daughter nine year-old Kylee also cut her hair in support of breast cancer.
“It felt weird because the scissors were yanking on my hair a lot, but it felt good,” said Kyle.
“I wanted to help kids my age that have breast cancer that didn’t have much hair to have more hair.”
Raising money to donate to breast cancer research, Colbourne and Daly also donated their hair.
The two girls held hands in the centre of the court while their hair becames inches shorter in just seconds.
“I was holding on Claire’s hand extremely hard,” said Daly.
“It goes to a great cause, and I mean one of my best friends who I live with had breast cancer, and I do it for her and I had her cut it and it never felt better,” added Colborne.
Only having a few teams involved just a few years before, Speedy said he is happy to see this much involvement from the UNB athletic community, and UNB community in general.
“We had two girls last year, a girl the year before, so it’s extra special that my daughter’s involved and it’s pretty cool that they get behind this cause,” said Speedy.
“That’s one of the reasons why I started this, selfishly, I wanted to find players to give back and realize how special it is that they’ve got behind it, so it’s great.