Varsity Reds fight for the win against the Panthers

Varsity Reds fight for the win against the Panthers
The Varsity Reds hit the court tonight, facing AUS 7th ranked UPEI Panthers.

The first quarter was back and forth, both teams putting their hearts into the game, keeping the score within two points the entire quarter.

Two threes in a row from Laura Fowler, free throws sunk by Claire Colborne, Laura Fox and Katelynn Mangold and assists from Tilly Ettinger helped the Varsity Reds take the quarter 18-16.

The second quarter was tighter than the first, with player of the game for the Varsity Reds Katelynn Mangold pulling down five rebounds, and the team outshooting the Panthers by only ten percent.

Amy Gough, player of the game for the Panthers, also had five rebounds in the first half, and 22 points in the game. Both teams scoring 21 in the second quarter UNB maintain the two point lead 39-37.

With both teams hungry for the win, the tone was set right away by Panther’s Katelynn Donahoe who sunk a three. Not letting it go unanswered the Varsity Reds went on a run of seven points with another three from Laura Fowler assisted by Claire Colborne.

The third quarter closed out with Tilly Ettinger sinking a three, shortly followed by Melissa Foster sinking a jumper from the elbow. The Varsity Reds ended the third with the score 55-52.

The fourth quarter was a make or break for both teams. The Varsity Reds fought hard for the win, outscoring and out rebounding the Panthers.

While the Panthers played the lane, and took the drive, Coach speedy said, “Once we adjusted to them taking the lane and we closed it off, we pulled ahead.”  

Keeping a five point distance throughout the end of the fourth quarter, the Varsity Reds took the game 76-67 bumping them to 7th place in the AUS.

The men also took the floor, with player of the game William McFee for the Varsity Reds and Mandrez Downey for the Panthers. The UPEI Panthers took the game 93-81.