A Place To Lay Their Heads

A Place To Lay Their Heads

(FREDERICTON, NB) Alex Caskey can sleep in his own bed tonight. That’s because the Varsity Reds’ basketball player has a new bed, in a new apartment.

Since a fire ripped through his old apartment, last Saturday, Caskey has been staying with Varsity Reds head coach Brent Baker.

A total of four members of UNB’s men’s basketball team lost their homes and a lot of their belongings in the fire.

Three of them were away at the time, playing games at Memorial University, in Newfoundland-Labrador.

“You never think that you’re going to be the one that needs help,” said Caskey. “So many people have pitched in, people that don’t even know us and the school, they’ve done a lot.”

Caskey spoke as new beds were being delivered to the house he’ll share with three others affected by the weekend fire.

The new beds were donated by Brian Lewis, a former UNB student-athlete and owner of Simmons Mattress Gallery, in Fredericton. “I heard about what went on and there was no question I was going to donate beds,” said Lewis.

Lewis swam for the Varsity Reds from 2007 until 2011. He now serves as an assistant coach with the swim team. “I feel as though my time at UNB, as a student-athlete, gave me the drive to be successful in business. And now that I am, I can give back to the community.”

Caskey, and the other players displaced by the fire, are thankful for all of the help they’ve received. “To be part of a team, you’ve got a whole group of people supporting you at all times.”