Phillips Sports Leadership Academy

Phillips Sports Leadership Academy

Thanks to a generous gift from alumni Sonny & Coleen Phillips, the UNB Varsity Reds and UNB Sport Clubs have created the Phillips Sports Leadership Academy. UNB is now one of just three U SPORTS schools to establish this prestigious program, in association with the Janssen Sports Leadership Center. The Janssen Center operates leadership programs in 21 universities in Canada and the USA, with notable members such as the University of North Carolina and Boston University.



2017-18 Application Deadline: Wednesday, Sept. 27

Notification of acceptance will happen Oct. 2-6


The Phillips Sports Leadership Academy provides an ongoing and integrated approach to leadership development by targeting and training three distinct groups of student-athlete leaders: Emerging Leaders, Veteran Leaders, and Leadership 360. The PSLA will distribute the training with multiple modules offered throughout the school year to maximize learning, retention, and application. In addition to the programming, the Leadership Academy will provide educational resources including The Team Captain's Leadership Manual and the on-line Team Captain’s Network for all participants to reinforce and extend the learning.

During the 2016-17 academic year, the PSLA offered Emerging Leaders and Veteran Leaders. In 2017-18, selected graduates from Veteran Leaders will enter into Leadership 360. Successful student-athletes from Veteran Leaders will be notified in the spring/summer of 2017 about their place in Leadership 360.
Student-athletes must complete the requirements of each level, and/or demonstrate necessary skills to advance to the next level of the Phillips Sports Leadership Academy.



Emerging Leaders


Designed for a select group of “high potential” first and second year student-athletes, the Emerging Leaders program provides prospective leaders with the insights, strategies, and skills necessary to become effective leaders on their team, on campus, and in the community. Through ongoing workshops, interactive exercises, action learning experiences and readings, the year-long Emerging Leaders program provides a strong foundation for student-athletes to develop into effective team leaders. The emphasis of the program at this level is creating effective ‘Leaders by Example’ while setting the stage for ‘Vocal Leadership.’

Emerging Leaders Program Objectives:
• Identify and develop high potential leaders in their first or second years
• Create solid ‘Leaders by Example’ and set the stage for developing ‘Vocal Leaders’
• Build a strong network of peer leaders
• Develop leaders who support and learn from current team captains/leaders (succession planning)
• Teach prospective leaders how to gain respect and develop leadership skills with their peer group

Student-athletes in Emerging Leaders will take part in six 90-minute sessions held on a monthly basis, beginning in October.  Attendance is required at all sessions.

Emerging Leaders Topics & Schedule:


1:         Leadership Introduction - October 16

2:         Commitment - November 20

3:         Confidence - December 4

4:         Composure - January 15

5:         Character - February 5

6:         Leadership Lessons - February 26


Veteran Leaders 

Designed for team captains and veteran student-athlete leaders from all teams, the Veteran Leaders program provides established team leaders with advanced leadership training and support. The program teaches student-athletes the critical team leadership skills and insights necessary to be effective ‘Vocal Leaders’ as they manage and conquer the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of leadership.

In addition to the education, the Veteran Leaders program also provides student-athlete leaders with a strong peer network to lean on and learn from throughout the school year. 

Veteran Leaders Program Objectives:
• Encourage established leaders to step up and be ‘Vocal Leaders’ on their teams
• Provide established leaders with ongoing support as they tackle tough issues of team leadership
• Provide established leaders with a solid peer network for guidance and support
• Review and extend the insights and skills necessary to be a responsible and respected leader
• Establish a solid, cooperative, and ongoing partnership with the coaching staff

Student-athletes in Veteran Leaders will take part in six 90-minute sessions held on a monthly basis beginning in October.  Attendance is required at all sessions.

Veteran Leaders Topics & Schedule:


1:         Vocal Leadership - October 16

2:         Enforcer - November 20

3:         Team Builder - December 4

4:         Coaches Panel - January 15

5:         Refocuser - February 5

6:         Leadership Lessons - February 26


Leadership 360

Details of the 2017-18 Leadership 360 sessions is forthcoming.

Application Details

New Student-Athletes

All student-athletes that were not in the PSLA last year, need to APPLY HERE. We will accept student-athletes at either the emerging leaders or veteran leader level. Incoming student-athletes need to submit a letter of interest and resume in addition to the online application. The letter and resume can be emailed to The deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 27.


Returning Student-Athletes

All student-athletes that were in the PSLA previously need to send an email to expressing their interest in continuing in the PSLA in 2017-18. This does not guarantee you a place in the PSLA, but you don't need to complete the full application again.



All student-athletes will be notified during the week of October 2-6 about their selection into the PSLA. We'll vet all incoming and returning student-athletes through our selection committee. Leadership 360 student-athletes will be selected from 2016-17 Veteran Leaders via the selection panel and feedback from coaches. 


Phillips Sport Leadership Academy Contact Information:


If you have additional questions, please contact:


Jonathan Crossland

Phillips Sports Leadership Academy Lead Facilitator


Office: BMO Centre

Phone: 292-3202





Is there a cost to participate?

No, the Phillips Sport Leadership Academy is free to all participant


Which group will I be placed in?

Emerging Leaders will consist of mainly first & second year student-athletes, but upper year student-athletes will be considered.

Veteran Leaders will consist of third, fourth, & fifth year student-athletes that have demonstrated strong qualities around commitment, confidence, composure & character. Student-athletes that enter into Veteran Leadership should be on a team’s leadership group or be a team captain.


How big are the groups?

Group size will vary, depending on the number of applicants.


What is the attendance policy?

Student-athletes are expected to attend all sessions. If a student-athlete misses a session, the facilitator will contact both the student-athlete and her/his coach.

Attendance Policy: Attendance at all workshops is required. Two unexcused absences will result in the student-athlete being dropped from the program. Before you submit your application, please ensure that you can successfully complete the program. Schedule conflicts such as classes, tests, and games will be considered, but require advance notice.